The Bitter Fruit of Forever now available

Bitter fruit front cover

My novelette The Bitter Fruit of Forever is now available on

Soo-zee Wanabi and his friends are rebel soldiers fighting the oppressive regime that rules their world. But when their own commander commits an act of shocking brutality Soo-zee and his friends learn that bravery is not so easy–and that oftentimes the real enemy is the one that lies within.

The Bitter Fruit of Forever is a haunting story about hard choices and the aftermath of violence. And I think it’s safe to say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read.

What readers are saying about The Bitter Fruit of Forever on

Imaginative writing that packs an emotional wallop.

An intense allegorical tale that keeps you reading.

Shares peculiar (though welcome) similarities with the works of Kafka and RW Fassbinder, HBO’s “Oz” and Wong Kar-wai’s “Ashes of Time.”

The Bitter Fruit of Forever is available for $6.29 in paperback or $2.99 on Kindle.

About Jackie Fuchs

Fuchs’ television and radio appearances have included Crime Time, NPR, Huffington Post Live and The Insider. As Jackie Fox, she played bass with the '70s rock band, The Runaways.
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